American Cranberry Bush (Viburnum trilobum var. Wentworth)

A very undemanding bush, with a wonderful leaf shape and delicious fall color. Spring flowers are very unusual, a cream-colored flat umbel surrounded by a ring of showy simple petals. The berries are persistent, and will sweeten after a hard frost (if the birds leave you any.) The fruit may be prepared any way you would the standard supermarket cranberry – jam, sauce, etc – my variety does have a lot of the bitterness associated with raw cranberries.


One thought on “American Cranberry Bush (Viburnum trilobum var. Wentworth)

  1. Dawn says:

    Would love to see your Amer. Cranberry Bush with it’s berries.
    I bought one a few years back, only to find that it was mislabeled. It was European, not American.

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